New Art Exhibition in our West Village Showroom!

Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:49

We are currently showing an exhibition by Nancy White in our showroom at 655 Washington street in West Village. This contemporary San Francisco based artist is a well-exhibited painter, who shows with Jancar Jones Gallery in Los Angeles and Steven Zevitas Gallery in Boston. The current exhibition is of her minimalist three dimensional steel paintings from 2009.


In her work she envadors to engage the viewer in a surprising non-tangible amplification of light and color. Her process involves experimentation, iteration and intuition. Each piece evolves from a paper maquette to fabricated steel. She is attentive to how the tilting of a plane skews a color, how a shadow or a reflection merges with a painted surface and how internal color contrasts affect the external contour of each painting. When installed the painting protrudes from the wall creating different spatial interpretations.


These beatifully displayed three dimensional steel paintings are intimate in scale. The unique way she uses shapes and angles draws your eye's attention. Their subtle colors create different spatial interpretations and you may find that what you think you see is not quite what you are actually seeing.