Locally Sourced

Tue Mar 04, 2014 10:54

Local sourcing is an important topic that is becoming a trend in todays conversation. Wednesday, January 29th Heiberg Cummings Design organized a round table discussion on the topic to raise awareness and discuss the issues as well as possibilities within this matter.


This issue is mainly disscussed in terms of food, but the intent of the meeting was to include other professions like fashion, product and interior design as well. HCD together with Suzanne Dvells gathered 15 people from different professions, all involved to some degree in local sourcing, to discuss the subject.


The conversation evolved fast and a lot of important arguments and opinions were expressed and discussed, however one issue became the main focus throughout the conversation - "taste." The goal is to encourage costumers to prefer buying locally sourced products, not just to support the local community and help the environment, but also because they really prefer that specific product. The locally sourced artisans will need to make the products desirable by focusing on product differentiation, price and increased quality for the consumers.


The meeting was a success and we will be hosting these meetings every other month. Contact us at flink@hcd3.com if you are interested in joining our round table!